Our People

Our staff will always have time to talk with you about your child’s day and will work with parents to tailor care and programs for each child.




Gordana is currently an educator in Wimble’s middle multi-aging room. She started at Wimble Street in 2013 on a casual basis and we have been lucky she has stayed with us. Gordana has a Certificate 3 and a Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care. One of Gordana’s favourite activities with the children is reading to them and having conversations.

Gordana says, ‘I love the fact that Wimble genuinely cares about the children and families who use our services and staff are true to their values. Also, there is always something to laugh about every day with our kids.’

Our parents say, ‘Gordana is a much-loved educator at Wimble. It is often her kind words and loving care that soothes a difficult drop-off.’



Stephanie is currently an educator in Wimble’s front, multi-aging room. She started at Wimble Street as a casual in late 2012 and we made her permanent shortly after that. Stef holds a Diploma in Early Childhood Learning. Stephanie is always a warm and welcoming presence at Wimble. Her care and passion to engage each child is very clear.

Stef says, ‘The thing I value most about working at Wimble is the opportunity to form secure bonds with each child so they feel safe and supported. It is a pleasure to set up inviting experiences for each child based on their interests and to observe and document conversations between the children and educators.’

Our parents say, ‘Stef is a wonderful educator. She is often the one who will call to let you know that your child has settled down and is now playing happily. Stef is a natural with children.’



Lisa is currently our Wimble Street Coordinator. In addition to her management role she also often relieves other staff in an educator role with the children. Lisa started work at Wimble Street in 1993 and was made permanent in 1995. In her extended tenure at Wimble Street she has worked across all the rooms. Lisa holds a Diploma in Children’s Services and is an expert on Wimble Street!

Lisa says, ‘The best thing about Wimble is the opportunity to see children come to the Centre and over time grow into confident people. Everyone contributes to the great atmosphere at Wimble Street – the educators, families and, of course, the children.’

Our parents say, ‘Lisa is a caring educator who holds Wimble together. She is the person who cares for everyone at Wimble, including our educators.’



Shivanthi is currently one of our wonderful kinder teachers and also works in the middle, multi-aging room. She started at Wimble Street in December 2012 as a casual. Wimble was thrilled to retain Shivanthi as she developed her teaching expertise. Shivanthi holds a Bachelor degree in Science and a Masters of Teaching – Early Childhood and Primary. Her favourite activities with the children are messy, sensory play – the messier the better! She is loves reading silly, funny nonsense books with the children. ‘The Book with no Pictures’ is a current favourite of the kinder group.

Shivanthi says, ‘The thing I enjoy most about working at Wimble is the small teaching groups and the community. It’s nice to get to know families and children this way as there is more one on one. It also helps in planning and implementing learning that is richer, thoughtful and more meaningful to the children.’

The parents say, ‘Shivanthi is a teacher with great heart. She is so bonded with the children, some of whom she has cared for since they began at Wimble and who she is now lovingly and carefully preparing for the big transition to school.’



Rebecca is currently an educator in Wimble front multi-aging room. She started at Wimble in 2013 as a casual. Bec holds a Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care and a Certificate 3 in commercial cooking. Bec is a calm presence at Wimble and gently guides children in safe, thoughtful and creative play.

Bec says, ‘The best thing about working at Wimble Street is our great kids and the sense of community that comes with being a small centre.’

The parents say, ‘Bec was an absolute star in Wimble’s time of crisis in 2018. When an old exhaust fan fault caused a fire in the ceiling cavity, Bec calmly shepherded the children from the Centre. Everyone was removed safely and efficiently, just like they had practised during drills and the children will only remember it as the exciting time when fire fighters came to Wimble Street!’



Sandra is currently an educator in Wimble’s middle room. She began at Wimble in 2011 but has worked with children since 1983, in long day care, sessional kinder, after-school care, as a nanny and providing support for children with additional needs. Sanda has a Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care.

Sandra says, ‘My favourite aspect of working at Wimble is the community connection with our families and children. I especially love working with the children in literacy-based experiences.’

Our parents say, ‘Sandra is a gentle and thoughtful educator who really takes the time to listen to children and engage with their interests. Sandra always has something positive to say and makes sure parents know what the children have been doing at Wimble.’



Wimble welcomed Jayden in 2019, taking charge of our kinder program while Shivanthi is on maternity leave.

Jayden has a background in Psychology and Art Therapy and worked one-on-one with young children in this field. She also has experience working in early childhood learning environments as inclusion support and an educator. Jayden is also a graduate of the Masters of Teaching at University of Melbourne.

Jayden hails from the sunny Whitsundays – in tropical North Queensland and her memories of outdoor play under palm trees and on sandy beaches are part of her passion for learning through the natural environment.

Our parents say, ‘Jayden is a passionate and thoughtful educator with a real appreciation for the children’s own creativity and skills as capable learners.’



Shishana (you might hear the children call her ‘Shana’) currently works in all the Wimble rooms on a casual basis. She started at Wimble on her student placement in January 2017 and we have been lucky to retain her as a qualified educator. Shishana has a diploma of children’s services and a degree in management.

Shishana says, ‘Wimble staff are helpful and supportive and it is a homely environment – I have a sense of belonging when I come to work. I love group time with the children – reading books and singing.’

Our parents say, ‘Shishana has been a great addition to our Wimble team. She quickly got to know all the children and moves around the rooms creating order and fun activities.’



Michelle is currently an educator in Wimble’s middle room and assisting the bush kinder program. She first worked at Wimble in 2011 and holds a Certificate 3 in early childhood.

Michelle says, ‘the best part of working at Wimble is the children. We build great works of art out of recycled materials. I also appreciate that the Centre is not run for profit and is in a beautiful part of Melbourne.’

Our parents say, ‘Michelle is loved by Wimble kids. She is great fun. She loves to kick the footy with the children, makes up songs and is great at joining in make-believe games.’

Board of Directors

Wimble Street is managed by parents who volunteer and are elected by our Co-Op members into Director roles. Directors generally meet on a monthly basis. All parents can attend committee meetings and it is expected that parents will attend the Annual General Meeting and the one additional General Meeting each year.

Directors each convene a sub-committee where it is hoped that parents can contribute according to their unique skill sets. Most Directors serve for a two year term and we encourage parents to share roles to lighten the load. Where Co-Directors commence in alternate years this can also help to maintain organisational momentum and memory.


Nadia Mizner

Nadia was previously the Fundraising Director at Wimble Street for 2017-18 after serving on the sub-committee in 2016. She is a high school teacher and has two daughters at Wimble Street.

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Vincent Moloney

Vince and his partner Cate are parents to Joni and Dot. Joni started at Wimble St in early 2018 and Dot will hopefully start later in 2019. Vince works at the Parkville Youth Justice Centre as a Campus Principal with Parkville College. He enjoys painting portraits and murals when he gets any spare time.

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Tallace Bissett

Tallace is an academic researcher currently working in the field of family violence perpetrator interventions. Tallace also has a background working as a criminal defence lawyer and academic research into policing. She took on the Communications Director role at Wimble in 2018 after serving on the Communications sub-committee in 2017. Tallace's most challenging and delightful role is being mother of Leonard who started at Wimble Street in late 2016.

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Michael Franklyn

Michael is dad to Jim, Max and their newest addition and future Wimble kid, Oscar. Michael is a residential builder around Melbourne. His long-term apprentice Ben-dog can be spotted tied up out the front of Wimble during drop-offs and pick-ups.

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Maintenance - David.jpeg

David Passmore

David is Orlando, Grace and Frieda’s dad. He runs a house painting business and his partner Carmel is an interior designer so there is plenty of talking paint colours over the dinner table! Although very part time these days, David is also an actor who once appeared on Xena: warrior princess!

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Finance Co-Director
Rowan Brown

Rowan is also a partner at Lai Cheong Brown and has worked on major architectural and heritage projects around Australia and Europe. He became Finance Co-Director in 2018 and led the Centre’s reconstruction from fire in April that year. Rowan grew up in Parkville and is also an alumni of the institution, attending between 1981 and 1985.

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Finance Co-Director
Christina Lai Cheong Brown

Hailing for Port Louis in Mauritius, Christina is a partner at Lai Cheong Brown, a small heritage focused architectural practice in inner Melbourne. She has worked on major projects across Australia and in the UK but prefers the smaller scale, engaging detailing and craft of her current practice. She became Finance Co-Director in 2018 and was heavily involved with the Centre’s reconstruction from fire in April that year. 

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Fundraising Director
Sarah Trotter

Sarah Trotter is an interior designer with her own practice - Hearth Studio, based in Brunswick. Her practice specialises in creating warm residential and hospitality spaces that respond to their context and inhabitants. Sarah's son Henk has been attending Wimble Street for almost one year.

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Karen Hunt

Karen is a rehabiltation consultant with a background in psychology.  She works helping people to recover after significant illness. She and husband Steve have two girls, the eldest started with the Wimble kinder program in 2016 and the youngest, at 9 months in 2017.

Karen and Steve have been involved with the communications sub committee and Karen with fundraising. Karen takes on the Secretary role in 2019 and looks forward to working with Wimble families and the fantastic educators.

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In addition to the Director roles, the Wimble Committee is also composed of Gareth Anderton who provides accounting and financial advice and IT support by Richard Cottrill and Steve Foster.